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Top 5 tips for working from home

I've been trying to start this blog off right, for the past six months or so, and struggling with how to do so. With the recent events globally, affecting families and businesses, I wanted to find a way to help. While it isn't much, I hope that some who find themselves now forced to work at home, will find some comfort and guidance in this post:

1.) Set the alarm and get up/shower!!! It’s easy to take a break and enjoy some time sleeping in, but as you do that you will get into a funk and it will be harder and harder to get going each day.

2.) Take 15 minutes to plan out your day (I like to plan out the next day in the afternoon of the current day, so I can hit it hard the next morning). When working from home it’s easy to get distracted and go down the rabbit hole online. Plan 45 min of work and 15 minutes of free time, in blocks, for yourself as a reward for hitting it hard for an hour.

3.) Give yourself a lunch break, even if it’s only 20 minutes. If you result to sitting at the computer and eating, you aren’t really taking a break.

4.) Try to be done by 3pm or 4pm (depending on your job). It’s easy to just keep working into the evening and not stop, when you don’t have to get in your car and drive home. The normal departure requirement from the office forces you to stop for the day and go home to your family. When you are sitting at your desk at home, it’s very challenging to find that stopping point. This was always the hardest for me. Your family needs you to not be plugged in all the time. Remember that! If you’re currently homeschooling your kids (since everyone is now), work when they work and break with them.

5.) Keep in touch with your friends. If they aren’t texting/calling you, reach out to them. It’s easy to get stuck in your head when you aren’t around other adults and forget how to socialize. STAY SOCIAL!

If you are struggling getting adjusted to this new reality, don’t hesitate reach out to me and I will talk you through this!!!

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