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Your Partner for Success

TakeOff Marketing & Events was founded due to the need for a more transparent, effective and affordable provider in the industry.

What sets us apart from the competition is that we value partnership over profit.  We believe that your success is our success and growth is achieved together.  Instead of looking at parts of your business, we look at your entire business from the bottom up; the big picture.  We then analyze areas for growth from every angle, pulling it all together to maximize your growth and exceed your business goals.

Whether you are looking for a simple market analysis and plan to guide you in growing your business, or you are looking to launch a massive corporate event and bring in thousands, we are prepared to partner with you to get your dream off the ground!

Choose us to be your partner in success and expand your growth to higher levels.  We will truly help your business TakeOff!


Email me at:

Amanda M. Ewing

CEO TakeOff Marketing & Events

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